CarAudit — Guarantee of a good purchase

Before the sale, each vehicle undergoes a detailed certified inspection by an experienced mechanic trained to detect hidden defects and potential risks. You know exactly what you are buying ahead of time, and we guarantee the condition as stated in the certificate. CarAudit is our mechanic on your side.

Detailed inspection

We won't miss a thing. Each inspection consists of 270 inspection items. We will inform you about the vehicle’s condition before you decide to buy it.

Guaranteed vehicle condition

We guarantee the condition of the vehicle as stated in the CarAudit certificate. We will compensate for any possible deviation, deficiency or defect detected.

Certified mechanics

We work only with qualified mechanics with years of experience who can detect even the most minute defects, be they already present or imminent.

The purchase starts with a CarAudit inspection

Vehicle certification

First, we will verify all information about the vehicle and check its legal status in available databases and registers.

Detailed inspection

Our mechanic will personally inspect and test the vehicle based on the criteria of our strict standardized procedure.

Our recommendation

Based on the inspection data, we will evaluate the overall condition of the vehicle and give you our recommendation on whether you should buy it or not.

We know what we are doing and we are thorough.

Each model has its specifics and there can be many risks. But our experienced mechanics know what to focus on and what to watch out for. You can be sure that you will make the right purchase.


Non-matching parts, weld joint repairs, differing paint thickness or damaged light fixtures are all indicators that the vehicle has been in a major crash

Blue smoke from the exhaust or a smoky tailpipe suggest combustion issues

Several different things may cause uneven engine thrust, e.g. a seized turbocharger

History and legal defects
History and legal defects

To prevent unpleasant surprises after the purchase, we check available European registers and databases for:

Service history and accident records

Odometer rolled back

Stolen Vehicles Register

Unpaid leasing or other financial liabilities

Possibility of VAT deduction

The condition of the exterior and interior
The condition of the exterior and interior

Even if the vehicle appears new, it can still have hidden traces of an accident or neglected servicing. Our mechanic takes photos of everything and checks:

Paint thickness reveals if the vehicle has been in an accident

Quality of previous repairs and traces of corrosion

Condition of the engine, gearbox, brakes, etc.

Functioning of available equipment

Does the condition correspond to age and mileage


Expert diagnostics via the control unit also reveal things that may go unnoticed during a routine inspection, such as:

Error codes

Condition of the diesel particulate filter

Air-conditioning malfunctions

Interventions in vehicle electronics

Defects that might not be apparent from a test drive

Test drive
Test drive

When driving, many defects can appear that go undetected when idling. We focus on:

Gear shifting and clutch function

Smoothness of power increase

Directional stability and steering wheel vibration

Brake performance and shock absorber function

Unusual noises

What does the CarAudit certificate look like


Inspection points

20 000+

Inspections carried out


Vehicles not recommended

Complete inspection of any vehicle at an unrivalled price


79 €
199 €

Money-back guarantee if a vehicle inspection comes back with negative results.

What do our customers say about us?


František L.

When I found out about Carvago from a friend who bought the car like this, I also started looking for a new one on their website. I was right next to that menu. In addition, I was pleased that the car passes the technical inspection, so I know in advance what you are buying.

Erik N.

When I learned that Carvago would bring the car from anywhere in Europe and have it checked beforehand, I glanced at their website with enthusiasm. I was amazed by the size of the offer, the quick negotiations and the fact that all the paperwork, transfers, etc. will do for you was the sweet icing on this perfect cake. I am extremely satisfied with the car and the whole family is happy with it.

Pavel K.

I arranged all the accompanying services through them and I didn't have to worry about anything. They did everything for me and took the car to my house. I can only recommend.

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