CarAudit™ to be sure

So you buy the right car

Every car is inspected for you by a qualified mechanic, anywhere in Europe. You get a detailed report on the technical condition of the vehicle, photos and our recommendation. You can then take your time and make the final decision yourself.
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Qualified mechanics

We work with qualified mechanics with years of experience. We regularly check their work and cease cooperation if there are any problems.

Detailed report on car condition

We inspect 270 different points on the car. We take photos of everything and you'll know about every problem and scratch.

Within 2 working days

In 93% of cases, we will be able to deliver the result of the inspection within 2 working days of ordering. Based on the result, you decide whether to buy the car.
Make an informed decision

Thorough vehicle inspection

Checks from A to Z
From the action of the clutch to the smell of the interior or the soot in the exhaust.
Engine, sound and chassis inspection
We check everything in detail and also record the sound of the motor on video. You can see it all for yourself.
Test drive
We also check how the car drives. Each car gets a 10km test drive at high speed and high RPMs.
Paint and finish measurement
We measure to detect if the car has been repainted. This way we are able to determine if it has been in an accident.
Detailed photos of all damages
We take pictures of every scratch and dent for you.
The CarAudit™ application
We even check the inspection process itself with smart algorthims in our app, as well as other performance checks and quality standards.
A total of 270 check points
Carvago caraudit
We know what to look for in each specific model
We can uncover hidden damages and poor quality cars
Experts inspect hundreds of cars every day with our app

An inspection process which pays off

Price for CarAudit™
Sale price
199 €
79 €
  • 270 inspection points
  • Detailed report with pictures
  • Qualified mechanic
  • Time to decide at your own pace
We want you to get a good deal
We will thoroughly inspect your chosen car. Or you can choose from cars where the buyer has already paid for our inspection.
Done within 2 working days. Most inspections are done within 2 working days on weekdays.
See for yourself

Example of inspected vehicles

Mobile app

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