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Trade on the largest online car market in Europe

Join the dealers that are successfully trading on Carvago. Take advantage of the oppotunity to buy and sell across all of Europe. Reach millions of new customers.
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Millions of cars and customers across all of Europe

You can start buying and selling cars across Europe with just a few clicks. More customers, higher demand, faster sales, higher profits. It's easy and it works.

Thoroughly inspected vehicles

All cars undergo a thorough technical check including photo documentation. Furthermore, you can even use our free CarAudit™ app yourself. It will help you check cars before buying and estimate the right market price.
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Smart application that helps sell

Use our unique dealers applicaiton with artificial intelligence. Get sales probabilities, market price comparisons, vehicle liquidity estimates, buyer recommendations and other functions that will help you increase sales.

Selling cars online makes sense

More people are buying cars over the internet. They'd rather make good deals from the comfort of home than out on the car lot. Try Carvago a reach millions of new customers. The time is now.

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Over 20 new dealers start doing business on Carvago everyday. Don't miss your chance. Get started with Carvago today

Sell with Carvago

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  • Faster and for a better price
    Reach more customers and increase the demand for your cars.
  • Zero useless visits
    Don't worry about e-shops, sales conversion, ads, undecided customers, or useless phone calls. Just simply sell.
  • Minimum work with the dealer's application
    Our application's smart technology simplifies sales and increases your margins.
  • No-worries sales
    We pay you for sold cars up front. We buy the car and take over the warranty. You only have deal with us.

Buy cars on Carvago

  • Purchase with almost no effort
    You don't need to call up ads, just choose what you like. We check the car and bring it to you dealership with just a few clicks. You can handle everything even from your mobile.
  • Private offers and special prices
    We have lots of limited offers just for dealers and used car lots. You won't find these offers anywhere else.
  • Smart recommendations for fast-selling vehicles
    We analyze millions of ads daily, to learn which cars make sense to buy and for how much. Every day we recommend the best deals for you.
  • Thoroughly checked cars
    For each car, you'll know up front what's working and what's not. You don't need to go anywhere and you immediately know clearly how much you might need to invest into a car and if it pays.
  • Safe purchase
    Buy from all over Europe without knowing a foriegn language. You only deal with us and you can read our transparent stadardized contract ahead of time. Furthermore, all cars are owned by Carvago beforehand and the warranty comes from us.
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Exclusive offers for dealers
Register and get access to private ofers and special proces for dealers. Free, no committments and no tricks.
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Mobile application

Smart application to download for free
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